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Discovering your True Self!

It’s easy to relax into a happy headspace.

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Let’s embark on a journey together towards a Healthier, Happier and Prosperous life. We brings you with tools to be physically and mentally fit and also excel in your career. Let’s not wait for perfect conditions to begin. Let’s begin to make perfect conditions for healthy physical condition


Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility.
Helps with stress relief and improves mental health.
Promote better posture and body awareness

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Relieves pain, anxiety and fatigue.
Releases toxins from the body.
Enhance quality of life.
Induce deep relaxation.
Enhance energy levels.
Bring clarity in thoughts.

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DMIT is useful for all age groups, it is particularly beneficial for parents and teachers to understand a child’s innate strengths as well as areas that need molding

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What our client say about us?

“One of the best yoga teacher i have ever met. Hemant sir is so kind and patient with his students and not only help us with our yoga postures but always try to bring a better human being in us.”

Deepak Jairamani

“I took Reiki healing from Hemant sir and he helped me in getting rid of my 3 year old anxieties and past imprints. Through healing he also helped me to become physically better and strong.

Chinmay Agrawal

“I got my DMIT test done 5 years ago and today I know myself and my strengths and weaknesses from inside out. I am now pursuing a career which a love to pursue or study. I am feeling confident in my life all because of Swadarpan.”

Jatin Sharma

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