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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Dermatoglyphics (from ancient Greek derma=skin, glyph=carving) is the scientific study of fingerprints, lines, mounts, and shapes of hands.The human brain is divided into 10 specialized regions, each associated with specific learning abilities. DMIT determines which ability is more, based on which, a suitable career direction can be planned. It also determines the personality type of an individual. This test is based on the scientific analysis of fingerprints which projects the neuron (functional unit of the brain) distribution of the subject. The best age to get this test done is 5-16 years as this is the stage where maximum polishing can be done.

Benefits of DMIT

Identification of personality traits of an individual.

Better career selection by discovering the child’s hidden talent.

Identification of gifted brain at very early stage.

Identification of strength and weak areas of an individual.

It’s a once in a lifetime analysis as it is based on fingerprints which never change during lifetime.

Identification of the type of intelligence based upon which one should plan ones career.

Relevance of this test

The education system is based on rote memorization and considers only logical intelligence to judge intelligence.

Every year more than 12000 students are committing suicide due to stress.

Students are confused about subject selection after class 10.

Students not performing well in academics are considered unintelligent and might have some other talent.

Lack of guidance at the right time.

Why Swadarpan?

Why Swadarpan?



Don’t disclose the limitations of this test.

Complete transparency is maintained.

Works on the franchise-based model

Neither we have taken any franchisees nor do we offer any.

Generalized reports (generally 40-70 paged)

Precise reports having the contents specific to a particular person having hardly 4-5 pages.

Sends the biometric data to Singapore (or somewhere outside India)

Biometric data captured is nowhere uploaded on the Internet. Securely deleted after making the report.

Put on a tag of “counsellor” even if they don’t hold any proper qualifications.

None of our representatives claims to be a “counsellor”. We are just career advisors. Counselling is a different arena.

Projects it as a “Personality Development Tool”

It is simply a “Personality Assessment Tool”

Claims to measure the IQ of the child.

The values generated are indicative.

Claims to work upon the child

Using this as a guideline for parents and teachers. No direct work on the child.

Get your DMIT test done

Let’s begin a journey together to discover hidden potential within us, to discover our personality, our strengths and weakness which in turn helps us to work on them and build a strong career out of it. Every child is different and it is out responsibility to bring him to his best self.

With Hemant Swaroop
Fee : 4500/-


4 Simple Steps

Step-1 Fill the registration form

Step-2 Send the payment screenshot to 8005606681

Step-3 Fingerprint collection (5 minute process)

Step-4 Appointment for the final discussion session

Multiple Intelligence Theory by Dr. Howard Gardner


What is DMIT?

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is biometric analysis. This involves study of fingerprints to understand a child’s behaviour, strengths and his personality type.
It is based on scientific study of fingerprints.


Most of the youth in India is stressed under this education system. They are never taught to discover what they are good at. DMIT allows you to discover your hidden talent, identify strength and weak areas of individual so that he can smoothly sail over his career.

Does DMIT guarantees success?

No, DMIT test does not provide any guarantee of success. It provides you with details of your personality and your inclination towards a particular kind of field. After its all responsibility to explore that field and practice in that domain and that hard work will surely lead you to your success.

What happens in a DMIT test?

Your finger prints are scanned through the scanner. After that a 4 page long report will be generated which in detail describes you about your thinking patterns, behaviour and your strengths and weaknesses.

Is it some sort of palmistry?

No it is not this test is completely scientific, which makes report based on your fingerprint and brain connection.

DMIT test is for which age group?

Person of any age can have DMIT test. But it is prefered to conduct this test for your child as soon as possible. The sooner you know about his innate qualities the sooner you will start working towards him/her.