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Reiki Healing


While a healer can heal oneself, he/she could choose to send healing to others as well. The healer just acts as a channel and the cosmic energy can be channelized towards any living or non-living being. So, if anyone who has faith in reiki and is undergoing any issue like physical, mental, relationship, or spiritual could contact any Reiki healer and seek the healing. It could be received both in person and over distance.


A Reiki healing session could last for 30-45 min and sometimes longer too.


Most of the people receiving the healing report different experiences. Some feel relaxed and calm. Some fall asleep. Some feel vibrations and sensations in various parts of the body, especially the legs. Some feel heat or cold. Some might not feel anything at all. No matter what the experience is, the receiver gets the benefits.


You need to clearly understand one thing that this is not some sort of magic or occult practice.
Depending upon the severity of the issue, the treatment could take a few sittings as well as it could go on for many months and sometimes years.

The output mainly depends on 2 things:
Firstly, the faith in the process. And secondly the highest good of the individual.
The second point needs some clarification. Sometimes we tend to seek things that are somewhat lower than we deserve.
Suppose you seek a reiki session for a job and aim to get one that yields 30 thousand per month but Reiki knows u have the capabilities to have your startup and earn much more than that. In this case, all your job applications will be rejected. You could seek healing for a headache but Reiki knows your liver needs more healing then it will work on that.
Reiki healer can neither claim to bring a guaranteed result nor could say for how much duration the treatment could last. The healer just acts as a channel. The journey of the healer must entirely be focused on working on self. It is only out of compassion; a healer offers to heal others.

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Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. It raises the vibrational level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative energy is attached that causes it to break down and fall apart.

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Fee : ₹300/session